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  • Chris Gevaux

Cyber Security Vulnerabilities: User and Identity Breach

In our increasingly digital world, Cyber security is an important topic for all businesses. Cyber criminals have become more sophisticated in their methods and are targeting unsuspecting users to steal personal information. This blog post talks about the Cyber Security Vulnerabilities that relate to user and identity breaches.

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their methods and targeting unsuspecting users to steal personal information.

Cyber security is an important topic for all businesses as the number of Cyber attacks continues to rise, with one attack every second around the globe.

Social engineering is a methodology that cybercriminals use when they want to extract confidential information from individuals or companies. They pose as someone trustworthy such as IT support personnel, bank employees or even company executives; sometimes by setting up fake websites where people can be tricked into entering their passwords or other sensitive data. These fraudsters will then have access to your private information which could lead them on a treasure hunt through hacking tools and various sources.

Cyber Security Vulnerabilities: Mobile Vulnerabilities

Cybercriminals can also bypass your Cyber security measures by means of your mobile device and extract personal data from it if you are not careful enough with the apps you download or permissions that you give to them.

In order to protect yourself, here are a few steps that could be taken; disable third party app access so only trusted parties have permission for such things as location information, contact lists or photos; keep all devices in an area where they will not get lost yet still within reach should they need quick use like at home but outside of one's bedroom at night time when sleepy fingers might press buttons without thinking about consequences first; change passwords frequently on any account that is connected to the Cyber world; turn off geolocation services on any device when you are not using them.

Identity thieves are able to steal your identity by means of data breaches which includes credit card numbers and other personal information like Social Security Numbers, bank account info or birthdates among others.

Cyber security can also be achieved through being more careful about what type of information we put out there for others in general to see. It isn't just about our digital footprint but our physical one as well with passwords into a building where we work or live, keys to cars parked near us at night time etcetera.

In conclusion, Cyber security vulnerabilities are an important issue for all businesses, especially with the rise in Cyber attacks. There are some steps to take that can help protect yourself but there is no complete and fool proof solution as Cyber criminals will always be ahead of us trying to find new ways into our personal information.

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