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The Importance of Failure: What Happens When We Fail?

Failure - we all come in contact with it. And more often than not, we dread even entertaining the idea of failing. As a society, we see failure to be detrimental to our success. Ever since we are young, we are taught to avoid failure. In school, we aim to get As, so that we can get into a good university or get a good job offer after college. We avoid getting an ‘F’ like the plague because that would mean we failed at something. As a matter of fact, in the letter grading system, F is the only letter grade which corresponds to the first letter of what it stands for: failure. In this subtle way,

What Happens When We Fail?

We are taught from an early age that failing is not in our best interest. Of course, as a child, we don’t understand this fully, but once we are exposed to the larger, grown-up world and better understand the importance of failure, we have to re-evaluate the way we see it. We Don’t Get Ahead Because We Fail The reason why we don’t get ahead in life is because we don’t want to. We don’t want to fail. We don’t want to make mistakes. We don’t want to be laughed at or criticized. We’d rather just remain the same, stay with the status quo, be the “well-behaved” ones who get a pat on the back, and are promoted to better roles.

Why Failure Is Important

Failure is essential to learning. However, if you apply this idea of ‘failure’ without understanding it, you are going to lead yourself down the same path. If failure is required for learning, then how does that help you? It doesn’t, at all. “Our culture teaches us to avoid failure by making the mistake of thinking it is bad to fail; but the opposite is true. Failure is essential to learning.” – Jenee Flory So why is failure essential for learning? How does it help you? Through failure, you learn the things you can do to improve. And in the real world, we cannot avoid failures. We will fail. And the process of failing teaches us to improve on the things we are unable to perform optimally. When I was 16, I started working at a wholesale car audio store.

Learning from Failure

For many people, a long-standing fear is that failure is a sign of being “not good enough.” Failure implies that you were not successful. Therefore, you are not good enough. Many people fear failure so much that they feel as though they cannot succeed. The fact is that, while failure can be scary and perhaps frightening, it does not necessarily imply that you cannot succeed. We may seem invincible when it comes to success, because we can often mask our shortcomings. But then we may fall flat on our face. What then? Do we let fear rule our lives? What Happens When We Fail Many people fail in the same situation over and over again. The reason is that they feel that a repeat of the previous failure would be detrimental to their success.

Tips for Dealing with Failure

The Importance of Failure But what happens when failure happens and how do we deal with it? Many people fail to deal with failure because they worry that once they fail, they will be severely punished. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. When we accept failure and become emotionally attached to it, we allow it to hold us back from moving forward. For instance, if we have put all our energy and enthusiasm into something and it fails, we won’t be able to try again because we will be too sad about it. And this could easily push us to quit altogether. We are all taught the importance of being optimistic, but this is another way in which we fail to accept failure. What is failure anyway?


Although we do not like it, and we try our best to avoid it, failure is inevitable. The important question, then, is what happens when we fail? I want to believe that, at least for some of you, you have never failed. This can be true for you if you failed to pass a specific subject in your school, or a university course. Or perhaps you were rejected from a job because of a shortcoming, or your grades did not get you the internship or job you really wanted. If you are like me, you have lived a life that has not been extremely successful. But then, I know that at least some of you have failed. This is true even if you are your own boss. It can be true if you failed at a competitive exam, or when you were the starting pitcher on a baseball team.

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